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Re: [PLUG] Is there another streaming media tuner like Streamtuner?

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Greg Helledy wrote:
> I used to use Streamtuner http://freshmeat.net/projects/streamtuner/
> to tune in to broadcast streams on Shoutcast, live365 and others.
> Since my upgrade from Etch to Lenny, it doesn't seem to work anymore, 
> even after pointing it to media players other than the now-missing xmms 
> and correcting for the change in Shoutcast's URL.  It seems that 
> Streamtuner isn't being maintained anymore.
> Can anyone recommend another streaming media tuner app?
> Greg
I don't know about any other apps, but since it is an open source app
why not download the source and compile it for yourself.  When you
upgraded you probably upgraded the libraries and the version that you
are using is probably compiled against a specific lib version.
WordPerfect 8 for Linux broke on upgrade.  Since it was not an open
source application OpenOffice is my current office suite.

You might want to use ldd streamtuner to see what libraries it is
attempting to use.  If you decide to recompile streamtuner you might
want to edit the Makefile

Have a great day :-)


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