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Re: [PLUG] Hard Drive warranty RMA

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Michael Leone wrote:
> I always try SpinRite, from GRC. It can work wonders to recover a
> drive. Not sure how well it handles the filesystem in question, tho..
> It's not Linux, but as they say, use the best tool for the job. ;-)

actually, spinrite is a false sense of security. once a hard drive
starts to degrade, nothing will save it. all spinrite does is mark which
sectors are bad and tell the disk electronics to ignore those sectors
(which badblocks can do) as well as a little bit of tweaking, if i
recall (which one should be able to do with hdparm/sdparm). there is
nothing special about it, it's a pestilence on the general public, and i
really would like to stop see it being recommended as a panacea as it
only erases the symptoms temporarily and does not address the root
problem- that the disk is degrading.

you wouldn't take morphine if your abdomen was gashed open, would you?
same concept- address the problem, not the symptoms.
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