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Re: [PLUG] [JOB] PHP5 Developer - Telecommute - 60k/year

Douglas Muth wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 1:27 PM, Beau Gould
> (OSS)<> wrote:
>> This is a 100% telecommute, full time job paying $60,000 per year. There
>> are no benefits at present, but that might change in the future. My
> [snip]
> No benefits at ALL?  Are you serious?
> Your client may want to rethink their compensation strategy here.
> Refusing to offer any benefits whatsoever is going to cause otherwise
> qualified individuals to pass over that opportunity.  (I know I would,
> if I were looking for work)

Hi Doug,

For a startup, benefits are an expensive luxury.  It's
somewhat common in bootstrap startups to not provide
benefits.  I'm guessing that at the lower salary being
offered for the skills desired, lack of benefits that
this is probably that kind of job.  Oh and there's the
description of this being a startup company.

I've worked with startups.  If you choose the right one
you'll have a great experience.  The stakes are typically
higher, the stress and pace are as well.  You'll probably
learn more at a startup in a year then you'll learn in the
corporate world in 5 years. It takes a certain breed to do
the startup thing.  My guess is they should be marketing
this as an early stage startup opportunity to find folks
with the right DNA.  Being the right type of person is
pretty important for any job.  Probably more important
for something like this.

Of course, offering benefits always opens up doors.  They're
an important thing to have for your overall health and
welfare.  Though I don't imagine these guys realize that not
offering benefits puts them at a disadvantage.  I'm betting
they are smart people.



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