JP Vossen on 7 Aug 2009 00:16:52 -0700

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[PLUG] MythTV digital --> analog?

One of our TVs died in the big storms last week, so we replaced it. 
Obviously the new one is digital, so now that TV gets a bunch more 
channels, *even though* we have Comcast super-basic-el-cheapo cable.  If 
I hook up an HD Homerun, I can record this stuff, since I have no 
Comcast set-top box and the TV works (ClearQAM stuff, I assume). Some of 
the "new" channels might be handy, but I'm not about to replace the 
other analog sets, analog tuner card, and analog Media MVP/mvpmc units.

So, anyone have a clue to get MythTV to record in digital/HD/ClearQAM 
and then post-process and downgrade it to analog MPEG2 so I can watch it 

Related but otherwise OT, any clues on a super-cheap converter box for 1 
other TV?  According to the site the coupon deadline was 
last month.  Doh.  I didn't even think about this, since I'm not using 
OTA.  I think Comcast said something about getting one, but it was only 
"free" for a year and after that there was a monthly charge.  This is a 
nice-to-have-when-people-want-to-watch-sports-in-the-basement, which 
happens less than once a month, if that, so I don't want to pay much at 
all, or anything extra to Comcast.

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