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Re: [PLUG] Is the Atom an x86?

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Art Alexion wrote:
> On Saturday 08 August 2009 18:01:19 Casey Bralla wrote:
>> Could I, for example, run Debian on the atom?
> The Eee is atom based.  It comes with Xandros and runs stock Ubuntu, both 
> debian derivatives.
> I don't know if it is technically x86, but seems to use the instruction set.

art- the earlier eee's used celery processors. trust me, i know- i was
stuck with one. ehe
(althugh for some reason it's branded as pentium-m.. don't understand
intel enough but i think it's the second type of their M series- once
was based on the PIII, the other on the celeron. guess which one
performs better. i'll give you a hint, it's not the one i had. heh)

i've always found debian's site layout far too simplistic for the
information found on it but here:

check under Development, and you'll see the following list of architectures:

# Alpha Port
# AMD64 Port
# ARM Port
# PA-RISC Port
# IA-64 Port
# Motorola 680x0 Port
# MIPS Port
# PowerPC Port
# S/390 Port
# SPARC Port

in addition, they offer other kernels as well (although it's not
relevant at all) :

    *  Debian GNU/Hurd
    * Debian GNU/NetBSD
    * Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

i think debian and gentoo are the only "main" distros that offer such
support for exotic architectures; ubu dropped PPC support back in 8.04 i

i wasn't sure if the atom was x86 but it appears that according to an
earlier post in the thread, it is. so you should be able to slap just
about any distro you want on it.
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