Edmond Rodriguez on 15 Aug 2009 11:46:59 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] stick drive that mounts as /dev/sda (or sdb....)

Windows was perfectly happy with the drive as it was, though I did decide to partition and reformat it, to make it look more standard.

I guess the idea of working on a stick drive made me overlook the partitioning theory at first, though the discussion at the meeting quickly brought me back to my senses about that.  I knew it was possible to partition a flash drive. 

I did wonder if there was something about this drive that would prevent partitioning.  It did partition just fine.   

Thanks for this discussion. 


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> From: Gordon Dexter <gordon@texasdex.com>

> Edmond Rodriguez wrote:
> > Is there a reason why mounting a formatted usb stick drive with no partition 
> table would be a bad practice?
> > All seems well.  but is there a reason this is NOT a good practice (using the 
> drive with no partition table)?

> I think the only thing is that other operating systems might not like 
> it.  I have no idea how Windows would handle it in particular.
> Honestly it sounds as if the you think you have a hardware issue, but I 
> don't think so.  If the disk is missing a partition table it's trivial 
> to give it one using fdisk.  If the partition nodes don't appear upon 
> insertion then you might have a UDEV issue, but since you can use the 
> stick formatted directly I'm sure it works just fine.
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