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[PLUG] postfix question

I'm looking at a Linux web server with postfix running.  It's just handling a
web application and occasionally sending out alerts via email.

Let's say that the main domain is  ""
The Linux server is outside the maindomain company's network and is called  DNS routes only requests for to this
server and all other traffic goes to their company network.

When the program (php) tries to send an email to an outside domain
( it works just fine.

When the program tries to send an email to the domain
( it bounces it (apparently from/to itself?)

I think that's because the postfix server thinks it's handling mail for

My suggested cure is to change the line in /etc/postfix/


   mydestination =,, localhost


   mydestination =,, localhost

Does that make sense or am I out in left field? (yes, those are mutually
exclusive for purposes of this question.)

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