Gordon Dexter on 19 Aug 2009 19:25:43 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Mythbuntu experience

jeff wrote:
> We got a Comcast feed at work so I thought this would be the perfect 
> opportunity (excuse) to have a `learning experience' with Mythbuntu.
> The pc is a just out of the box Dell Optiplex 740 (AMD).  Using Myth 
> 9.04, the install was a breeze.  It detected the XP partition and didn't 
> even chuckle when asking if I wanted to dual-boot or destroy.  It took 
> about 30 minutes, largely left by itself.
> Upon boot, not wanting to be too disappointed, I got the weather and 
> theater functions working.  I loudly trumpeted my achievements to my 
> coworkers, lest they think I waste my time on purpose.
> The only thing missing was an actual video device.  I have a K-World USB 
> digital tuner, which I plugged in, only to find that there was no 
> apparent way to make Myth realize I had plugged it in.
> But how about that 3 day forecast!!!!
Sadly my experience with Mythbuntu was rather worse than that.  Due to 
what I'm pretty sure was issues with the ATI driver I installed 
Mythbuntu flawlessly, and then it booted and left me with a completely 
unusable system.  Wouldn't even respond to Ctrl+Alt+F1.  Just a weird 
pattern on the monitor and TV, that would change slightly every once in 
a while but remained completely unintelligible.  Damned ATI hardware.  
Perhaps trying this with nVidia hardware would work better, but I don't 
have any that supports TV-out.  Sigh.


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