jeff on 19 Aug 2009 19:15:24 -0700

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[PLUG] Mythbuntu experience

We got a Comcast feed at work so I thought this would be the perfect 
opportunity (excuse) to have a `learning experience' with Mythbuntu.

The pc is a just out of the box Dell Optiplex 740 (AMD).  Using Myth 
9.04, the install was a breeze.  It detected the XP partition and didn't 
even chuckle when asking if I wanted to dual-boot or destroy.  It took 
about 30 minutes, largely left by itself.

Upon boot, not wanting to be too disappointed, I got the weather and 
theater functions working.  I loudly trumpeted my achievements to my 
coworkers, lest they think I waste my time on purpose.

The only thing missing was an actual video device.  I have a K-World USB 
digital tuner, which I plugged in, only to find that there was no 
apparent way to make Myth realize I had plugged it in.

But how about that 3 day forecast!!!!

I don't know if this is normal but there's little to no mouse function. 
  Everything is keyboard.  Doesn't LOOK normal.  Mouse cursor tends to 

I managed to locate Ubuntu and determined via dmesg that the entire 
system refused to recognize the hardware.  Then I plugged it into a 
different pc, where the system didn't recognize the usb device.  Lovely.

Fortunately I had a 2nd usb device (which also refused to be recognized 
by 2nd pc).  It was actually recognized by the system but again, I could 
find no way to get Myth to recognize it.  This parallels my experience 
trying to simply view tv via this device under Xubuntu.

Is the idea here that it wants me to purchase a real capture/tuner card? 
  Is it likely to be recognized by Myth?  Are they reasonable?

[and yes, I'll be at the Mythbuntu seminar. I better be - I work there.]

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