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Re: [PLUG] Retrofit IDE with SATA?

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Michael Bevilacqua wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 7:56 PM, Casey Bralla <MailList@nerdworld.org
> <mailto:MailList@nerdworld.org>> wrote:
>     Tom's Hardware is running a story about how smart it is to upgrade
>     your hard
>     drive.  (Hmm.. sounds like they're pulling the old PC Mag trick of
>     endorsing
>     buying more stuff all the time.. how shocking!)
> If you haven't looked at newegg.com <http://newegg.com> lately, the
> prices are more than right. TB SATA drives are cheap and extremely
> efficient these days. You might be able to save some kilowatt cash with
> a relatively cheap upgrade. That's up to you to evaluate.
>     Has anybody tried a SATA adapter card to see if you get anything like
>     reasonable performance if your motherboard does not have native SATA
>     ports?
> Any time you put more adapters onto a system you make it less efficient.
> And PCI is an adapter. So, again, evaluate your total situation. Do you
> want a performance boost? At what cost? And what truly is the total
> (energy, monetary, life-cycle) cost?

I've had good luck with Silicon Image SATA RAID Controllers.  On one
system I've had a 3114 controller running for years.
> Hope this helps.
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