Lee Marzke on 24 Aug 2009 16:14:30 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] VMWare Workstation Bridged Mode Question

Richard Freeman wrote:
> Gordon Dexter wrote:
>> Yes, you should be able to do it.  I've seen it done, or at least 
>> something very similar, so that a bunch of vmware machines were on a 
>> local subnet.  The instructions should be as simple as "set static IP, 
>> set to bridged mode".
> Note that I believe VMWare really only sets what interface the virtual 
> machine sees - not its IP address (which is set in the guest OS).  I 
> believe that way back when I was using workstation vmware I didn't have 
> any problems with this.  Bridged networking is probably the most typical 
> configuration since it just makes the virtual PC appear like another 
> machine on the local network.
Yes,  except when you want to VPN into another network from your host, and
have your VM's accessable on the corp LAN.

> I'm not sure you specify which interface the bridged network appears on. 
>   I believe that is in the vmware configuration and not the virtual 
> machine configuration (which just lets you pick WHICH already-configured 
> network you want the machine to see).  I'm just guessing here, but it 
> wouldn't surprise me if you could set up more than one virtual network 
> device and put each on a different network (or maybe even on the same 
> network).
In VMware workstation 6.5, use menu options, Edit, Virtual Network Editor
which open a dialog allowing you to edit.

- Select the preferred network for bridged mode.   Mine has ( eth0,
wlan0, pan0, Auto )
  where auto is then configured seperately to pick either  eth0 or wlan0

- For host-only and NAT networks,  you can pick the network address, 
and enable
  a virtual DHCP server for that net

You can have  multiple host-only or NAT networks,  and select which
machines go
on each.

In addition, it appears that each VM can select 1 of 10 'custom
networks'  /dev/vmnet0 thru
/dev/vmnet10,   which is in addition to the  host-only, NAT, and Bridged
modes above.

I think the custom devices may be used with 'Teams'  where multiple VM's
can be started
and stopped together,  each with custom networks.   The virtual networks
can have bandwidth and
packet loss programed to simulate actual WAN conditions.

>If I have several static, non-private ip's, say -, and the host machine is using a static ip of, shouldn't I >be able to use bridge mode to have the vm on say The system also has 4 interfaces cards on it eth0-eth3. 

So yes,  just use Network editor to specify which host NIC to use for
each network you setup.

Note,  if you are hosting multiple servers on 1 host you really should
be running the free
VMware ESXi 4.0 server  as it shares common memory segments between
VM's, and avoids
the overhead of a base operating system.  Much better graphical network
editing tools as well.
We just talked about this at PLUG West,  you can see my screenshots of 
ESX ( and Vsphere )  link
on my page http://marzke.net/lee/


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