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Re: [PLUG] How to avoid spam blacklists?...

Sean Collins wrote:
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> I agree with Douglas regarding using Amazon.
> Not to mention, isn't your data non-persistent? If your instance  
> crashes all your data goes bye bye unless you're using S3?

I persist my data on S3 via EBS (Elastic Block Store), which allows 
me to mount a virtual S3 volume in the filesystem of the EC2 virtual 
server.  So nothing is lost, even if I terminate my instance (to 
stop paying for it over an idle weekend, or something, if I chose)
or if the Amazon server hosting my virtual server crashes.  At ten 
cents per GB per month, I'm paying only an extra $3.00/month to 
reserve 30GB of storage for this purpose.

The details of how to set it up are also given in my cloud computing 
tip series.  See:

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