Richard Freeman on 2 Sep 2009 09:08:29 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] server monitoring- set up threshold alerts

Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
> 2) any suggestions on the best tool ( i installed webmin which appears, 
> at first glance, to be pretty good)

You seem to be more generally interested in utilization metrics, so this 
isn't the best tool out there, but I did want to point out monit.  That 
application is more useful for monitoring daemons/etc and doing more 
functional monitoring of processes.  It will notice if things die, or if 
webpages cannot be loaded, and it also supports a number of protocols 
for watching various services.  It can do anything from send emails to 
restarting processes if something goes wrong.  It also can do 
CPU/memory/load monitoring, and it can even take action at thresholds 
(process uses 80% CPU for more than 3 minutes - restart / etc).

It won't really replace some of the other tools that have been 
mentioned, but it is a good tool to have handy.
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