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Re: [PLUG] Crunchbang: Wow!

jeff wrote:
Adam Zion wrote:
>From there, I explored until I found eeebuntu. I liked that, but found
the Gnome interface to be rather too high-powered for a netbook. And,

May I suggest adding XFCE and making it the default if you like it?
It would seem perfect for netbooks with its more minimalist, low 
eye-candy, low horsepower leanings.
I have a EEE 901 with Easy Peasy installed (from back when you had to use the array.org kernel for hardware support) and after I nuked the annoying 'netbook remix' theme and interface mods I was very happy with it.  Gnome really isn't all that bad on a netbook, and in spite of the fact that I hate various aspects of it's interface (the file picker for one) I've found it quite responsive.  Since the Intel drivers are great I even found myself enabling a few compiz effects with great results.  The 900 might not be quite so fast (not all of them have the Atom) but I wouldn't worry about the desktop environment too much.

P.S. I don't recommend allocating any swap at all for a netbook with an SSD, due to wear concerns, unless you're using it only for hibernation and deactivating it after your computer wakes up.  Best idea is to just pay $30 for a two gig stick of RAM so it'll never have to swap, and it'll be faster as well.

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