John Karr on 8 Sep 2009 16:24:30 -0700

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[PLUG] How can I make my wifi manager just remember passwords without a kwallet or keyring?

I loaned my friend my Kubuntu powered laptop which became a major ordeal
dealing with kwallet, and raised the question "How can I make my wifi
manager just remember passwords?"

While I've considered Kwallet a nuisance, I just set the password to blank
and when it pops up it is only one click to get rid of it. I've previously
uninstalled it and found that other KDE apps seemed unhappy at its absence,
so I just live with it with a blank password, and it remains one of those
many reasons my primary system continues to run a commercial operating

My friend wanted to get on wifi early the next morning, because to her it
was an emergency, she called me -- long before I had intended to rise,
because she didn't know the password to the stupid wallet. By the time I
woke up, figured out how to disable the wallet (if you don't know the
password you can't open the wallet manager), and then how to clear out the
wallet's configuation (rm ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/*) she was out of time
and it didn't matter; I had lost half a night's sleep, and she had begun her
introduction to Linux with a needlessly bad experience. 

After the phone call, on my shiny new red ultra-lite, I tried disabling
kwallet, no wallet prompts but wifi manager can no longer remember

Neither solution is acceptable. So how does one get wifi manager to remember
passwords without Kwallet running? Swiching to gnome's wifi manager just
trades kwallet for gnome keyring. When I set up a wifi connection I want my
wifi manager to just remember the key next time I want to connect, period. 

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