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Re: [PLUG] Quicken alternative?

Check out MoneyDance.  I have used it for a number of years and find it
to be just fine.  It is true cross platform (Java based.  I just had
some great support - exchanged emails with their support folks on


On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 03:15 -0400, JP Vossen wrote:
> As I'm moving my wife over to Ubuntu, 2 of the problems are going to be 
> Quicken and TurboTax.  I'll keep a VM for TT, but Quicken is more of a 
> day-to-day issue.
> I hate Quicken anyway, since they deliberately break stuff every few 
> years to force you to buy an upgrade you don't need.  I refuse to do 
> that, so we're still using Quicken 2003.  But my wife would like to be 
> able to download transactions, which is one feature they break on 
> purpose.  I just noticed I had Quicken 2006 CD's laying around, but they 
> just broke that in the middle of 2009.  3 years to EoL is not acceptable.
> For now, Quicken 2003 runs flawlessly under Wine on Hardy (using the 
> updated PPA Wine).
> She wants to be able to download stuff, and we need something that can 
> print checks, since we still do a lot of that.  And I'd prefer 
> cross-platform, just in case she has to go back to Windows (hope not, 
> but...).  I also want something that is not full of bugs and is actually 
> maintained and supported.
> I've looked at GNUCash and I like it, except it can't print more than a 
> single check at a time, which is a show stopper for us.  (LONG-standing 
> bug:
> KMyMoney is useless since it can't download or print checks at all.  Not 
> sure I'd call it cross-platform either.
> Grisbi is a 0.x.x version, and does not look well maintained.
> That leaves MoneyDance, which is Java (yuck), and neither free nor open 
> source (yuck^2).  But it is cross-platform, supported, and supposedly 
> does everything I need.  I haven't gotten downloading to work yet, and I 
> think the interface is a tad ugly (and to be uglier than a GNU GUI app 
> like GNUCash is saying something).  But it might work, though I'm 
> slightly worried about getting on another upgrade treadmill.
> What is everyone else doing (besides not printing checks anymore, yeah, 
> yeah, I know...)?  Any other clues?
> Thanks,
> JP
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