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[PLUG] subversion question

BZZZZT!  Previous email sent before it was complete...

I have a question about using subversion:

I have a tree of source code - but several files and perhaps one
specific subdirectory are to be left out of subversion.  In my case it's
the config.php file which is different between my development and
production code.  I may even want to leave out ALL the files in the
configuration directory and manually maintain any changes there.

All the tutorials and instructions I see tell me to use:  

svn import project_dir file:///home/svn/project 

..but this brings ALL the files in the tree "project_dir" into the project.

NEVERMIND:  In the course of researching the question I found this (AKA: The answer):

        Subversion's support for ignorable file patterns extends
        only to the one-time process of adding unversioned
        files and directories to version control.  Once an object is
        under Subversion's control, the ignore pattern mechanisms no
        longer apply to it.  In other words, don't expect Subversion
        to avoid committing changes you've made to a versioned file
        simply because that file's name matches an ignore
        pattern—Subversion /always/ notices
        all of its versioned objects.


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