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Re: [PLUG] Hitting the Netbooks

> From: Floyd Johnson
> Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 12:38 PM
> I'm considering getting a netbook in the next four months, and plan to shell
> out no more than $350 for such a thing.
> Which netbooks have given you all the greatest Linux success, and which were
> more turkey than penguin?

First, define netbook vs. sub-notebook  vs. ultralight...

My mental definition is that a "netbook" should have no internal moving 
parts, which means no hard disk or fan, but I don't think that's 
necessarily a universal criteria.

I like no internal moving parts because there is much less to break, and 
I won't crash the disk head when I throw the unit into a bag that gets 
bounced around, or toss it onto the couch.

I've been *very* pleased with the Mini-9 I got from the Dell "outlet" 
store.  Search the list archives for "mini-9" and you will find lots and 
lots of details.  I upgraded mine to 2G RAM and 16G SSD and the grand 
total would probably be just under $350 with current prices since they 
went up a bit since I did it.  Mine came with Ubuntu Hardy and I 
upgraded to Jaunty.  Both Just Worked, but there are nuances which I 
documented in the messages in the archives.  For example, the Dell stock 
image did *not* have 'noatime' or 'relatime' set in /etc/fstab, which is 
a Bad Thing on a flash or SSD storage device.

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