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Re: [PLUG] Hitting the Netbooks

hi floyd,

On Thu, Sep 17, 2009 at 12:37:52PM -0400, Floyd Johnson wrote:
> I'm considering getting a netbook in the next four months, and plan to 
> shell out no more than $350 for such a thing.
> Which netbooks have given you all the greatest Linux success, and which 
> were more turkey than penguin?

i went through the ordeal of trying to pick a netbook for my girlfriend
before she took off for india about a month ago, and settled on an HP
mini 110 1036NR.  UNR (jaunty or the latest karmic snapshot) did *not*
work well on this in spite of what they say on the compatibility page in
the ubuntu wiki (unless "works out of the box" doesn't include any kind
of networking or sound), but i had success with debian testing/unstable
which didn't require much at all for customization.

i've written up a mini howto (including a small rant at UNR) which i
haven't posted yet but plan to this weekend, if you're interested.

whatever your choice, i strongly suggest that you actually physically try
the netbook (pick it up, put your hands on the keyboard, etc) you're
thinking about buying before you do so.  one of the big things that sold
me on the HP was the keyboard is something like 95% normal keyboard size,
compared to the tiny little cramped keyboards on the asus offerings.

and also beware that esp with some of the asus models that the hardware
configurations are wildly different even between minor model revisions
(mini-rant about this also included in the howto), so you should make
extra sure that the specific/exact model number you're looking at
will work.


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