Gordon Dexter on 20 Sep 2009 17:39:57 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Hitting the Netbooks

Art Alexion wrote:
On Sunday 20 September 2009 19:08:22 Lincoln Fessenden wrote:
Art Alexion wrote:
The Acers have the best keyboard, but I still do not trust this brand
with providing quality hardware.  Cannot vouch for Linux compatibility,
Aroo??  Been running Linux on Acer laptops for 5 years now.  Never had a
problem with them.

Admit to lacking personal experience, in part because I have heard so much 
negative about them.  I am glad you had a good experience, especially because 
we just bought two for the boss and his wife.
I generally don't recommend Acer, but that's mostly due to bad memories of them during the PII era.  There are three Eee PCs in my family, a 900, a 900A, and a 901.  The default install has a nigh-unusable interface, and all have been replaced with various flavors of Ubuntu.  The general sentiment is that they're great, not the least because the 900 and 900A can be picked up new or refurbished for under $150 (try woot.com).

Linux on them has been basically flawless.  When I first got my 901 I had to use Ubuntu Eee, which came with the array.org kernel--basically the stock Xandros kernel transplanted into a different distro.  I've tried stock Ubuntu 9.04 recently and it works with everything right out of the box.  So yeah, another redundant vote for Asus, just like the 2,044th five-star review for the WRT54GL on NewEgg.


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