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Re: [PLUG] ddrescue/dd_rescue question

On Wednesday 23 September 2009 17:51:24 JP Vossen wrote:
> I recall some very confusing names in the whole *dd*rescue app area.  Is
> one of the ones you are trying this one?
>rom-damaged-media/ gddrescue: a tool for recovering data from damaged media

Yes that package (gddrescue) provides ddrescue
dd_rescue which is provided by the package ddrescue

in both Debian and Ubuntu.

> Also, what does "rescue user files" mean?  Deleted?  Bad disk?  Other?
> Depending on that answer *dd*rescue may be overkill.  I've used foremost
> to recover deleted files [1].

I mean the stuff that XP puts in c:\Documents and Settings\[username.domain], 
though in this case Vista puts them in c:\User\[username.domain].  I don't 
care about system, program or configuration files, though copying that entire 
directory will inevitably give me the config files that aren't in the 

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