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Re: [PLUG] WiMax Questions Answered

On Monday 21 September 2009 15:58:48 JP Vossen wrote:
> Related (I haven't had time to read any of the articles yet):
>ittle-Too-Late MobileWiMax In 2010 — Too Little, Too Late?
> Posted by Soulskill on Saturday September 19, @05:09AM
> from the that-only-gives-it-two-years dept.
> CWmike writes "By the end of 2010, users in more than 80 US cities may
> be able to ditch their cable modems, T1 setups and DSL lines — and the
> Wi-Fi routers that go with them — in favor of WiMax wireless technology.

I couldn't help thinking during the presentation that WiMax was great for 
people who currently use cellular modems, and possibly people who don't want 
to pay Barnes & Noble, etc. for WiFi access, but pointless at home or in the 

When they were showing the home modems, no one addressed the question, "why 
should I dump cable/DSL/FiOS for a slower, less stable wireless alternative 
at about the same price?"

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