Edmond Rodriguez on 9 Oct 2009 10:28:47 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] web access email adds html code in message

When running in the new beta email with web Verizon/Yahoo webmail, there is a click-able item to the right of the Subject field.  It either says "Plain Text", or "Rich Text".   Clicking on "Plain Text" will change the format to plain text. 

I am referring to the web mail interface one gets when going to http://mail.yahoo.com and logging in using someid@verizon.net with the verizon password.

A side benefit I noticed is sometimes when html links do not appear click-able, like the one above, I can click on the text toggling field twice, and it fixes all the links (assuming I am not worried about loosing html in the process).

A side note plug for Linux:
While rendering and editing is slightly on the slow side, this interface with Firefox runs quite nicely even on my 700MHz machine with 192MB of Ram running Kubuntu (but using the FVWM window manager).  Not much paging either!


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I am guessing you are right.
Basic view sucks, but I have been using it because it loads a  bit
and hasn't moved crap around that I'm used to.

I will never use it again.
So using classic, yall let me know if the issue remains

I am a techie .
but dat don't mean I don't speak or write good.
That's a liberal arts education.
Also play the guitar.

And have a poetry favorite ...
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, a beat poet from san fran in the 60s-70s.
His incantations are Walt Whitmanesque.

My favorite ... (yes a bit irreverent)


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