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Re: [PLUG] {OT} FS: Networking Equipment


Nice to see that you have re-appeared.  Did you ever find the disks and 
wireless card that you promised me as part of the laptop I bought from you?  I 
have been calling you and writing to you for two and a half years now, and 
haven't gotten a response.  


I only air this grievance publicly as a warning to anyone else thinking of 
buying anything from this guy.

On Monday 26 October 2009 12:24:51 pm Joseph B. Welsh wrote:
> Hi!
> Last week we virtualized about 15 of hardware servers in to a 
> VMware/Netapp applliance and now we have left over networking 
> equipmentand I thought would see if anyone at PLUG would be interested 
> in the following:
> I have (2) Quantum Snap Servers Model 4100 with 300gb of Storage.  ($250 
> each or best offer)
> I have (2) Hp Proliant DL380 G3 Servers with (4) 72 gb 320 hot plug scsi 
> Drives, 4 gb memory.  These were working units when I pulled them from 
> our rack.
> They were in a climate controlled Network Room did not have any issues 
> with them when I pulled them.   ( I have deleted the logical drives and 
> they are now ready to use) ($500 each or best offer)
> We have some old HP unix equipment (D series servers) and hp drive 
> arrays if any one is interested in that.
> I also have a 7 tape HP DLT Backup unit if any one interested in that.
> The equipment is in Olde City, Phily  on Market street (near the FOX 
> studios)
> If you would like more info or your interested in them Please  email me 
> off list:
> Thanks,
> Joe

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