Doug Crompton on 31 Oct 2009 20:06:02 -0700

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[PLUG] OWFS query

I recently compiled OWFS for my NSLU2 Debian Lenny system and purchased
a 1W/USB adpater and temperature/humidty/solar kit from Hobbyboards.

I got it all working but had and have questions. Some were answered by
various forums but most went unanswered. It seems there is a lack of
"nubbie" info for the OWFS. You can either goto the OWFS website or the
Maxim/Dallas data sheets.

So before I ask any questions on this group I was wondering if there are
any PLUG OWFS users and what your applications are. Perhaps we can get a
Philly area group going if there is enough interest.

One of my applications is remote monitoring of a shore property. I looked
at some of the commercial boxes to do this and all were up there in
price. I figured that even if I spent as much doing it, at least I would
have control and more flexibility besides learning something new.


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