Greg Helledy on 9 Nov 2009 05:09:32 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird Lightning

Art Alexion wrote:
> On Sunday 08 November 2009 21:51:57 Greg Helledy wrote:
>> At home I use Icedove from Debian Lenny.  I had trouble getting the 
>> plugin to work properly, so instead installed Sunbird (the standalone 
>> app) as a download from the mozilla site.  That worked without a glitch.
> Lee's suggestion that I not download the xpi from Mozilla, but rather use the 
> version from the apt repos, seemed to fix everything.  The issue I was having 
> with Ubuntu may be the same issue you are experiencing with Debian if you want 
> to give it a try.

Lightning doesn't appear to be in the Debian repository.  There is 
actually a package, "lightning", with description:  "library for 
assembly code compilation at runtime".

FYIs on lightning:

*The data Lightning writes is not fully version-compatible.  That is, if 
files are being worked on with 0.9 (the current release), attempts to 
use the calendar with 0.9 or a previous release will produce errors that 
you may be corrupting the calendar.

*If you use Lightning with ssl (are storing a calendar with CalDav and 
provide an https:// address) and are also using TLS to secure email 
communications, users may experience a prolonged "hang", lasting a few 
minutes, on startup of the program.  Why this is goes beyond my level of 
ability, but I suspect there's an issue with trying to establish two 
encrypted connections from the same program simultaneously.  I say that 
because if you disable TLS, the problem goes away.  This is for an IMAP 

Both of these apply under both windows and linux.


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