Steven Phillips on 13 Nov 2009 09:30:16 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] other VMs

Mike Sheinberg wrote;

Just wanted to expand on my group question to get some feedback of whether
anyone has used any other VM solutions that do not utilize Windows in any
way? I just noticed that Red Hat released a platform and oddly enough you
still need a Windows client to access the management console (yeah, bizarre
I know. <>). After digging
around I came across the ConVirt <> management
platform which manages KVM/Xen hosts and best part is the management console
can be used from a Linux client. Does anyone have any production experience
with such a setup? Everyone seems to have some experience with VMWare's
platform but I have heard very little discussion from others regarding the
production ready viability of other platforms. Which is understandable if
they are not at this time, I'm just interested :)

  I use Sun VirtualBox and that is as crossplatform as far as I can ascertain.  Unfortunately, I don't use it as an enterprise tool, so I can only say that I've used it on Suse, Ubuntu, MacOS and windows for running guest oses.
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