Brian Vagnoni on 14 Nov 2009 10:27:02 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Hardware for Wireless Bridge

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From: Casey Bralla

> Anybody have any suggestions for the actual wireless routers and the 
> distribution of Linux to use?

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The previously mentioned Linksys WRT54GL are IMHO the defacto standard. We have also used the slightly cheaper Netgear WGR614L, Both are 802.11 g/b, and have the same about of flash, and system memory, and both run Linux. 

The main differences are the Netgear has a 240Mhz cpu, and the Linksys a 200Mhz cpu. Linksys comes with 2 removal external antennas(my favorite), the Netgear one non-removal external, and one internal.  

Both are easy to install DD-WRT on, via the web interface, and can be done without having to use TFTP. Both are a 2 flash install for DD-WRT.

If you look around you can find Linksys factory refub/re-certified models, on places like Tiger Direct for even cheaper. I recently got several re-certified WRT300N's that work with DD-WRT. However, there are HW versions that don't work with DD-WRT or OpenWRT, and they don't let you know prior to shipping which they are. So you could get into an exchange war with them. 

I also got some WRT54G from them, also factory re-certified that were HW version 7.x and higher. But these only have a 2m/8m flash.

Good luck.

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