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Re: [PLUG] Hardware for Wireless Bridge

Casey Bralla wrote:
> I want to create a wireless network bridge between 2 wireless routers.   (This 
> means the 2 routers create an encrypted, private network link between them.  
> The remote router then creates a _wired_ network access point that connects to 
> the base network.)
> LocalNetwork<---->WirelessRouter<~~~~>WirelessRouter<---->RemoteLANSegment
> I presume I need to buy a pair of recent wireless Routers and put some version 
> of Linux on them.
> Anybody have any suggestions for the actual wireless routers and the 
> distribution of Linux to use?
OpenWRT,  Brent Saner gave a PLUG talk on 4/22/09

The remote router would need to run in client mode (routed or bridged)
or in WDS mode
which would give you both a wired and wireless zone at the  remote end.

If you use external antenna's you can get quite good range.  Note that
high gain antenna's are
always better than increasing the xmit power ( because they also improve
reception )
Although unlicensed,  you still have to comply with 47CFR15.247 for
power output:


Careful about hardware,  many units change chips without changing the
model number,  so
you can only tell what work ( on some units like Linksys )  by the
serial number range.

I've been using  either real old  WRT-54G units, or the   WRT-54GL
(linux) version.

Many routers need a small UPS in front of them to keep power spikes from
crashing them.

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