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Re: [PLUG] Fred Stluka's giving a talk on Cloud Computing Mon 11/16 7-9pm...

PLUG members, Cloud Computing fans, and Local Friends of Fred,

Here are the slides I showed at the Cloud Computing talk this 
evening.  Thanks to all of you who attended and contributed to
the conversation.  Any further feedback is welcome (questions, 
comments, criticisms, whatever, about the subject matter, my
presentation software, my speaking style, my hairdo or body odor,
or whatever  :-).  Thanks!

The exact slides from tonight's talk (driven by the exact software
I used tonight) are at:

For your convenience, there is a single file copy of the entire 
presentation (easier for printing than one Web page per slide) at:

The latest evolving set of slides (using the latest presentation 
software) are always at:

The latest evolving presentation software is downloadable from:
I've already fixed the problem that we saw tonight, where highlighting
text to point it out to the audience and then releasing the mouse was 
advancing to the next slide.  Now it advances on mouse up only if no
text is selected.  Any more suggestions?

Fred Stluka -- --
Bristle Software, Inc -- -- Glad to be of service!

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Subject: Fred Stluka's giving a talk on Cloud Computing Mon 11/16 7-9pm...

Cloud Computing fans and Local Friends of Fred,

I'm giving a talk on "Cloud Computing" Monday 11/16 7-9pm.

It is a repeat of the guest lecture I gave to a computer class at 
Penn State last month.  However, this is not just for tuition-paying 
students.  It is free, and open to the public if you want to attend.

Even if you're not a computer person, you may enjoy the talk.  I'm
pretty sure that every single person receiving this message is already
using Cloud Computing in one form or another (at least Google search,
Google mail, Yahoo mail, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Maps or 
Google Docs, if not any of the more advanced forms).  And your employers 
will be using it more and more in the next year or two, for virtual 
desktops, virtual servers, etc.  Come out and learn more!

The talk is at a meeting of PLUG West (the West branch of the Philly 
Linux Users Group).  We'll probably meet at the usual location at a 
company in Malvern near Rtes 29 and 30, but may need a bigger room, 
depending on the number of people attending, so I'll save the location 
details for later.

Please reply if you would like to attend.

As always, there is no charge for the PLUG West meeting.  No food 
is provided, so feel free to bring your own drinks and such.  Also,
we often go out for a beer, wings, or dinner afterwards.

If you want a sneak preview of the slides, let me know.  I'm still
working on them, but they are posted to my Web site.  I can send you 
the URL.

BTW, since I've never been a fan of PowerPoint, I wrote my own 
HTML/CSS/JavaScript-based PowerPoint-like software the other day,
and I'm using it for this presentation.  Really simple approach.
You can use any HTML page as a slide, and you just include a list
of the slide URLs in the master page where you specify the header,
footer, background colors/images, etc.  It automatically shows 
slide number and count, positions the footer at a fixed location 
at the bottom of the page, can skip the footer on the first page, 
etc.  Next/previous via mouse click, or Enter, or arrow keys or 
Home/End, etc.  Slide files can be as simple as:
   <h1>What is Cloud Computing?</h1>
      <li>Next big thing</li>
      <li>Old technology</li>
      <li>Distance is irrelevant</li>
or as fancy as you want, even including their own JavaScript, Ajax,
etc.  Long slides scroll, instead of being truncated like PowerPoint.
People in the back can't see?  Just hit Ctrl-Plus a few times, and
the browser scales the fonts and the lines wrap around so nothing
goes missing.  If necessary, scroll down via the arrow keys to see
the stuff that gets pushed off the bottom.  You can have a single
CSS file that sets the fonts, colors, background image, etc. for the
entire series, or you can have have every slide different.  Still 
some work to do, but I've used it once already.  Works like a charm!

Let me know if:
- You'd like to attend
- You want to see the slides on the Web
- You want a free open source copy of the slideshow software.

Fred Stluka -- --
Bristle Software, Inc -- -- Glad to be of service!

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