Greg Helledy on 16 Nov 2009 20:25:31 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] CyberPower UPS-- "powerpanel" monitoring software segfaults

Lee Marzke wrote:
> Did you start upsmon ?
> Was there a SysV startup script ?
> Here is an old SysV script that might help,  I think this is from a
> RedHat system.
> But you can run things manually by reference to the script.
> Lee Marzke

Ok, looks like things are in fact running.  I decided to test it:

Nov 16 12:28:27 itchy upsmon[4196]: UPS CP550HG@localhost on battery
Nov 16 12:46:47 itchy upsmon[4196]: UPS CP550HG@localhost battery is low
Nov 16 12:46:47 itchy upsd[4193]: Client local_mon@ set FSD on 
Nov 16 12:46:47 itchy upsmon[4196]: Executing automatic power-fail shutdown
Nov 16 12:46:47 itchy upsmon[4196]: Auto logout and shutdown proceeding
Nov 16 12:46:52 itchy upsd[4193]: Host disconnected (read failure)
Nov 16 12:46:52 itchy shutdown[2580]: shutting down for system halt

With the monitor off, and the unit powering the minitower PC, a router 
and a DSL "modem", power lasted 20 minutes.

I'd love to get the GUI client running, but I guess if I know things are 
working in the background, that's ok, too.


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