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Re: [PLUG] Web Development Tools

Marc Zucchelli wrote:
> I was wondering what tools people here use for web development. Favorite
> IDE's, Editors, etc? We mainly use Adobe products for this kind of thing
> at work and as I just installed openSUSE at home, I'd like to become
> better acquainted with what I can run under KDE. I'll mainly be writing
> php, html, javascript, and css. Thanks!
> Marc

I spend more time working with the php backend interaction than the display side
so favor:

JEdit for editing
  Runs on Linux or Windows, free, syntax highlighting, SFTP, plug-ins, more.

GVim for editing
  cannot forget the power of :%s/from/to/g

Firefox with at least these add-ons:
  Firebug, Web developer

If applicable, I use the CodeIgniter MVC framework - saves a ton of coding.

I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL (because of the not-null null problem in some
earlier production versions) but use both.


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