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Re: [PLUG] Fios users.

I'm not sure but I believe I have the dreaded MoCA as well but I've had no
problems.  I configured the P.O.S. Actiontec router by creating a DMZ and
putting my Linux firewall server in it.  It works flawlessly.  I can ssh into it
which is what I really needed... I run no other services.  The IP address has
changed once since it was installed and that was in February or March.

Hope that helps.

Eric wrote:
> Grrrr seems like everyone I talk to about this has the same setup.
> Am I the only geek in philly with MoCA?
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> On Mon, 23 Nov 2009, Carl Johnson wrote:
>> I agree on all accounts with the actiontec being better served as a
>> doorstop. What are you using to do the MoCA (coax-ethernet bridge)
>> stuff then? A NIM?
> No MoCA here! When I signed up for FiOS, TV was not available in my
> area. I am in a kind of unique situation in that I run my business from FiOS
> but my TV and phone are from other providers.
> As a side benefit, since it is Internet only, I do not pay sales Tax
> or any of the other usual Verizon add on fees. The price they quoted me for
> the service, is what I write the check for every month. It will be interesting
> to see what happens to the price, when my contract expires in January.
> Regards,

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