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Re: [PLUG] Fios users.

Claude M. Schrader wrote:
> On 14:59 Mon 23 Nov     , Eric wrote:
>> Hummm, why not?  The NAT table only has to hold one route - that being the route
>> between the Internet and the Linux-based router.  I've never had any trouble
>> that I could identify as being caused by the too-small NAT table in the
>> Actiontec.  My computers, my wife's computer, and the children's computers all
>> appear to access the Internet flawlessly.  What kind of problem will I see if
>> the NAT table does fill up?  No Internet access?
> not the routing table, hes referring to the NAT translation table. This
> can fill up if it has to track many concurrent connections. VoIP and P2P
> protocols are two good ways to help this along. If this happens it will
> simply stop accepting new connections. Anything already established will
> probably continue to work.
> Claude

DISCLAIMER:  I'm not a network expert and don't play one on TV either.

As far as I know, the NAT translation table that does the work is the one in my
Linux box.  That is where the incoming packets get translated into the internal
IP addresses/ports and the outgoing packets get translated into the single
external IP address.

All that the Actiontec box will see is [external IP] <-- NAT --> [Linux box]
Since the Linux box has only one address on this interface how does the
Actiontec NAT table get filled up?  Is there some subtle aspect of transmitting
a stream of NAT'ed packets between the Actiontec and the Linux box that I'm
missing here?

I run VOIP with Verizon and we have 4 computers in use as well as two MagicJack
(VOIP) devices.

Are we just lucky so far?


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