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[PLUG] converting 32 -> 64 bit

This is a follow up to my VBox questions.

I am looking for strategy suggestions on converting 32 bit Kubuntu 9.10 to 64 
bit.  Currently, most default directories are in a single LVM on a single 
physical drive.  Other than having memory that I can't access, everything is 
working quite well and I am reluctant to disturb the sleeping dog.

As far as I know, there is no upgrade path; I would have to install a clean 
system.  I was thinking of the following steps:

* Copy or move /home to a separate partition.
* Same with /usr/local and /opt.
* Figure out some way to capture current non-default packages[*] so that I can 
script their reinstall, if possible.
* Install a fresh 64 bit  version from scratch.
* Reattach /home, /usr/local and /opt
* reinstall the non-default packages

[*] By "non-default packages", I mean the ones that didn't come with the 
distro, but I installed optionally.

I'd also like a way to find out which non-repo packages I may have installed 
with dpkg (and save the debs in case they are no longer available).

I suppose, another way to do it is to add a new drive, install 64 bit on that 
drive, keep the 32 bit LVM, and install the missing stuff as I miss it.

Better strategies?  Scripts for installing option or non-default packages?


Art Alexion

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