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Re: [PLUG] converting 32 -> 64 bit

On Friday 18 December 2009 21:20:04 Lee Marzke wrote:
> As of Karmic,  there is now a pae enabled desktop kernel.
> If your not running any 64 bit apps,
> you could just install the  linux-2.6.31-17-generic-pae  and
> then access all 4G of RAM without reinstalling.

Are these criticisms still applicable to PAE?

As I read them, it seems that losing 128 MB to access 800 MB is still a 672 MB 

I do not need to run any 64 bit apps, unless running a 64 bit OS in a VM is 
considered a 64 bit "app".

If PAE is good in the balance, it seems a much simpler approach to my problem.

Art Alexion

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