JP Vossen on 15 Jan 2010 13:01:52 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird 3 (sucks so far)

 > Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 09:00:42 -0500
 > From: "E. M. Recio" <>
 > Subject: Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird 3 (sucks so far)
 > I agree with you completely with TB3 (am using Fedora 12). After a
 > long time TB user, I switched when my emails after a certain date
 > just disappeared (from my IMAP server). I had to restore it all from
 > backup. Then it happened again... so I figured out it was (based on
 > the incrementals date) when I installed TB3. Some default option
 > cleared out ALL mail from ALL folders after a certain date 90 days.
 > I have email on my server since 2002! There were other quirks with
 > the TB3 UI and functionality which irked me, this was the final
 > straw... don't mess with my email!

Ouch.  That is a big problem.  It seems like TB3 really screwed up some 
previous settings.

 > So... I tried evolution. Evolution is very powerful and feature
 > packed... but as far as doing very simple things (having a trash
 > folder, changing so <CTRL><ENTER> asks for confirmation before
 > sending, etc.) it does HORRIBLY. Further, the developers have no
 > intention of providing options from within
 > preferences to change these features. (Check the gnome bugzilla for
 > Evolution.) After a month of using Evolution i have finally given up
 > on all its quirks which are NOT changeable. GnuPG is supported under
 > Evolution. Let me make it clear: if you can deal with simple things
 > that you cannot change, then that might be overwhelmed by its rich
 > feature-set, and powerful behind-the-scenes features... just open up
 > preferences and you'll see what I mean...

Evolution's IMAP implementation is basically unusable if you run more 
than 1 client at a time.  It won't update the server until you exit (if 
then), so if you happen to have an IMAP client open on more than one 
machine, like I always do, you can't use Evolution, period.  And yes, 
the Evolution Devs are a giant PITA from what I've read.

I also find the interface very busy and ugly.  I use it for one of my 
two work accounts, and it more-or-less Just Works over the Internet 
against the Exchange back-end.  The calendar is again ugly, but it 
works, and it can do real-time display/update of Google Calendars too, 
which is nice.  I doubt I could use Evolution for my "real" email 
accounts, but for the secondary one I need it for I can live with it.

 > Currently, I am using KMail, and like much of the OLDER KDE (Pre-3.5,
 > I used to use KDE since 1998 until they went to KDE4 ... KDE4 jumped
 > the shark in my book) ...

I'm personally not a KDE fan.  I find it far too busy, and, perhaps 
oddly, far too configurable.  I'd spend all my time messing with it and 
not actually getting anything done.  Yes, Gnome can be too dumbed down 
and simplistic, but for me it's the better choice (for certain values of 
"better").  Nautilus sucks, I mostly use Thunar (from Xfce).  I might 
use Xfce more, but when I've tried to in the past it has been too buggy 
(since it's a red-headed step-child to Gnome Ubuntu).  All the main 
Ubuntu bells and whistles are Gnome, so you will end up loading those 
libs anyway, might as well use 'em for the GUI interface too.

Back to TB3, I did figure out how to get back to the old "search subject 
+ recipeient [sic] in-line" search box behavior.  It turns out that the 
new search that opens in a tab (which I like for other uses) is the 
"search all messages" setting.  If you click the magnifying glass and 
choose a setting below the separator, like "Subject, From or Recipient 
filter" it behaves the old way that I need 90% of the time.

Yet, I just fat-fingered the word "recipeient"[sic] above.  It has the 
red underline for a misspelled word in this line, but not above!  WTH? 
Then after goofing with the broken word above, the red line appeared. 
But it was certainly NOT there as I was typing, which greatly diminishes 
as-you-type spell-check's utility.  (Heck, TB1 or maybe old 2 didn't 
even check spelling in the subject line.  Again, WTH?)

It really looks like TB3 was rushed out the door way before its time. 
I'd say that the lack of arbitrary marketing-driven deadlines are a good 
reason to use F/OSS, but in this case, and kind-of Ubuntu with it's 6 mo 
cycle, that's not always true.  (That's why I like Ubuntu LTS releases 
starting 3-4 months after release. :)

My $0.02,
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