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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird 3 (sucks so far)

On Friday 15 January 2010 04:01:45 pm JP Vossen wrote:
>  > So... I tried evolution. Evolution is very powerful and feature
>  > packed... but as far as doing very simple things (having a trash
>  > folder, changing so <CTRL><ENTER> asks for confirmation before
>  > sending, etc.) it does HORRIBLY. Further, the developers have no
>  > intention of providing options from within
>  > preferences to change these features. (Check the gnome bugzilla for
>  > Evolution.) After a month of using Evolution i have finally given up
>  > on all its quirks which are NOT changeable. GnuPG is supported under
>  > Evolution. Let me make it clear: if you can deal with simple things
>  > that you cannot change, then that might be overwhelmed by its rich
>  > feature-set, and powerful behind-the-scenes features... just open up
>  > preferences and you'll see what I mean...
> Evolution's IMAP implementation is basically unusable if you run more 
> than 1 client at a time.  It won't update the server until you exit (if 
> then), so if you happen to have an IMAP client open on more than one 
> machine, like I always do, you can't use Evolution, period.  And yes, 
> the Evolution Devs are a giant PITA from what I've read.
> I also find the interface very busy and ugly.  I use it for one of my 
> two work accounts, and it more-or-less Just Works over the Internet 
> against the Exchange back-end.  The calendar is again ugly, but it 
> works, and it can do real-time display/update of Google Calendars too, 
> which is nice.  I doubt I could use Evolution for my "real" email 

No, I find the Evolution developers really responsive.  They do love their IMAP 
implementation, though.  I don't.  For Exchange 2003, you can't beat it.

And from the chocolate vs. vanila, vs. neopolitan department: I far prefer the 
Evolution interface and workings to Tbird.  And I like kmail far better than 
Evolution.  That said, I am now stuck with Tbird at work (with DavMail for 
Exchange 2007) because, with all of its warts, it is far better than outlook.

Art Alexion

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