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[PLUG] Strange Apache behavior

I have a client who has called me for assistance with a strange Apache
web server problem.

Apache has run fine for six or more months but in the last two weeks has
started to fail once or twice a day.  The failure mode is odd... the
server runs normally, logging accesses and errors like everything was
fine but it appears that no pages are actually leaving the server and
going to the client - the client browsers time out.

Simply restarting Apache restores it to normal operation.

Has anyone seen anything like this? 
Where do I look for evidence of what's happening? 
The Apache logs as well as  /var/log/messages, and /var/log/syslog don't
show any glaring problems.

VPS with 1 GB RAM

apache2ctl -v reports:
Server version: Apache/2.0.55
Server built:   Nov 12 2009 23:17:17

It's a "reasonably" busy site but nothing extraordinary.
He's run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade so it's current.

Any suggestions are appreciated as he's stumped so he turned to me and
I'm stumped too!


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