JP Vossen on 20 Jan 2010 14:12:59 -0800

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[PLUG] Collegeville FiOS

The 15/2 $49.99 plan I've been on since Summer 2006 [1] was unilaterally 
changed to a 20/5 $59.99 plan as of my January 2010 FiOS bill.

Note: I have only Internet, no TV, no phone, and that does affect the 
prices I am quoting!

I loaded a few 
days ago, but did not get around to calling until today.  I spoke to an 
amazingly nice and helpful rep named Felicity, and we goofed around for 
a bit trying to figure out what happened, officially.  (Unofficially, 
I'm pretty sure that 15/2 is so old they just nuked it and tried to 
sneak an upgraded plan and bill past me.)  We failed at an "official" 
diagnosis and gave up, instead just checking what options are available 
now.  They are as follows:

15/5	$54.99
20/5	$59.99, but *not available as an option anymore*
25/25	$69.99
50/20	$144.99

Notice that when my old 15/2 plan went away they switched me to another 
plan (20/5) that costs more than I was paying and is not available 
and/or going away.  If I have 15/2 and there is a 15/5 plan, wouldn't it 
make the most $en$e to switch me to that?  Guess not.  Similar things 
have happened before [2].

Now, if I switch away from the 20/5 plan, I lose it forever, and I get 
stuck with a 1 year plan with a $99 early term fee.  I almost switched 
back to the 15/5 out of principle, but...  25/25 sounds really nice. 
But...  15/2 has been more than fine for years, I don't *need* 25/25 and 
probably most of the stuff I talk to, esp. for uploads, couldn't handle 
that anyway. [3]

But the other really fascinating thing is that except for 15/5 the 
plans/prices she described did NOT match the URL above...until I 
refreshed the page.  So these plans and prices have changed in the last 
4-5 days.

So, FYI, check your FiOS bills and plans...

[1] Original install on 2006-10-12 and details, including pics:

[2] Plan/rate change:

[3] Remember when you used to go in to work to download really big 
files?  Now it's much faster from home...
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