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Re: [PLUG] Collegeville FiOS

> The 15/2 $49.99 plan I've been on since Summer 2006 [1] was unilaterally 
> changed to a 20/5 $59.99 plan as of my January 2010 FiOS bill.

The exact same thing happened to me.  But I was not so fortunate when I
called.  The first rep tried to be helpful but "accidently" dropped the
call when she tried to get "tech support" on the line to figure out why
my plan changed.  The second rep dropped the call after about 10
seconds.  The third person told me that the 15/2 had been discontinued
for some time, and that my plan had been grandfathered until the 1 year
was up.  Except that I was month-to-month.  And I had only dropped the
telephone (switching to Internet only) in March.  (She couldn't explain

I was told the cheapest plan was $60/mo (the 20/5), and unless I wanted
to go with a one-year committment for $5 off per month still at 20/5.
They didn't mention anything about the 20/5 going away, or this being my
only "chance".

Oh, and I was told that I /was/ notified, either by mail or by email.
And I must have thrown away/deleted the notice; or it was lost somehow.
And she would "have another copy sent".  This was roughly two weeks ago,
and I still haven't received anything.

I was annoyed enough to check Comcast's prices to switch back.  But
without basic cable, they're actually more expensive.

This is in Kennett Square, PA.

> (Unofficially, I'm pretty sure that 15/2 is so old they just nuked it
> and tried to sneak an upgraded plan and bill past me.)

If by "old" you mean "antiquated technology", that's junk.  I'm sure
it's just a QoS/bandwidth filter on their side.  I think they did the
math and found that by "upgrading" the plan, they would incur almost no
extra bandwidth cost.  (Who was using all of their 15/2 anyway?)  And
they could get an extra 20 % from their customer base in a down market.
Notice how it started in the new year?  First quarter results will look
much nicer!  If I was a betting man, I'd recommend Verizon stock right


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