Art Alexion on 7 Feb 2010 09:37:13 -0800

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[PLUG] OT: Old Jet Direct setup

Anybody have any experience with an old jet direct card setup?  I bought a 
card for my old HP5si which had been on an external jet direct.  I am going to 
put an inkjet on the external.

I haven't configured the IP address yet.  I can't find any documentation for 
it on the web.  The printer recognized the card fine and put options for it on 
the menu.  

The config settings on the printer menu don't look like dhcp is an option.  
There isn't a modern static IP setup either.  looks like maybe you set each of 
the parts between the .s separately.

The choices are 
	IP byte 1 =
	IP byte 2 =
	IP byte 3 =
	IP byte 4 =
	SM byte 1 =
	SM byte 2 =
	SM byte 3 =
	SM byte 4 =
	LG Byte 1 =
	GW byte 1 =

Would IP byte 1 = 192, byte 2 = 168, byte 3 = 1, byte 4 = 103
be the same as IP =

SM could be Subnet Mask, but SM followed by LG makes me think it is SMall and 
LarGe.  GW = default gateway?  Why does a printer need a default gateway?
Art Alexion

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