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Re: [PLUG] Monitor donations needed

On Sunday 07 February 2010 11:17:09 K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
> Four of us PLUG members will be teaching the Computer Merit Badge at
> the 2010 Science Camp organized by the Chester County Council of the
> Boy Scouts of America.  We plan to install Linux on recycled PCs to
> teach the merit badge to an estimated 100+ boy scouts, and at the end
> of the camp will have a drawing for those scouts who don't have their
> own PCs at home to take home the machines used for the merit badge.
> We have all the PC hardware we need except monitors.  Do you have 15"
> or 17" monitors to donate in a good cause (please, we need them to be
> in good working condition)?  If you do, please let us know by e-mail
> (the others are copied on this message) and we will coordinate a
> rendezvous to effect transfer.  We expect to need 15-18 and the
> science camp is at the end of June.
> Thank you very much, in advance.
> Regards
> -- Bhaskar
I have a couple of monitors my wife would love if i found a new home for them.
I'll have to check them out and get back to you on how many and what shape 
they're in.


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