Casey Bralla on 6 Mar 2010 15:41:27 -0800

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[PLUG] Trouble Shoot Blank X Screen

I'm trying to set up an old Dell to use Gentoo, and am having trouble getting 
X to work.   I get a completely blank screen, although X is running fine and I 
can ssh into the box without any difficulty.  (In other words, I think X is 
running properly... except for the blank screen.)   Killing the X program 
restores the normal text screen.

Since X never errors out, the X logs show nothing weird.

I have an old nVidia card in the computer, but have tried using the "nv", 
VESA, and fbdev devices with the same effect.

I even tried loading the Gentoo live CD, which works fine.  I copied the 
xorg.conf file from the running live CD, but it produces the same condition.

I'm wondering if I'm missing some module from the kernel (I did a manual 

Anybody have any suggestions of what I might try or where I might look?   TIA!
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