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Re: [PLUG] Hardware, acquisition

On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 10:30 AM, Doug Stewart <> wrote:
> After forays into hp (née Compaq Proliant), Penguin Computing and IBM hardware, I'm just about ready to make a Churchillian statement in re: Dell hardware, as in "Dell is the worst provider of cheap hardware for Linux servers, except for all the other brands".
> Then there's the new Sun gear. We've loved those (both Intel and AMD models) and would highly recommend them, if only Oracle's lawyers would unshackle the sales department and allow us to start buying hardware again. Sun's ILOM, in particular, makes the whole affair worth it, plus our sales contact internal to Sun will pretty much meet or outbid any Dell pricing, if we give him time. Their only downside is their unflinching dedication to slapping SAS drives into everything. We usually kit out a server with all drive bays occupied by the lowest capactity drives a vendor sells and then buy replacement drives from Newegg.  Doesn't really help when it's SAS, since SAS drives possess the unique combination of being both tiny in cacpacity AND gobsmackingly expensive.
> In any event, if you have a decent budget or a good contact internal to Sun, give them a look and don't be scared off by the list prices on their website.
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> -Doug

     I haven't tried it myself, but aren't SAS controllers compatible
with SATA as well? I could have sworn I had seen that somewhere, The
article here:

...seems to indicate that this is the case...
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