Casey Bralla on 14 Mar 2010 08:33:01 -0700

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[PLUG] OT: Need AMD Processor to Unbrick a Motherboard

Well, I couldn't leave mediocre enough alone, so I had to try flashing the 
BIOS in my BIOStar motherboard.  

Their website showed 2 BIOS's.  I had the newer of the 2, but it was listed as 
"beta" and for a lower class of AMD processors.  (I have the Phenom II X2).  
VirtualBox can't see the AMD-VT commands, so I'm not virtualizing as 
effectively as I should be able to.  I therefore thought I'd downgrade the 
BIOS to the "non-beta" version, which also claimed to support the Phenom II 
processors.   Big mistake.

Flashing went flawlessly, but now my system won't boot.

I now suspect that BIOStar's file descriptions were reversed, since many 
motherboards needed a BIOS revision to handle the Phenom II.   I think it 
won't boot because it can't recognize the newer processor.

So....  Anybody got a socket AM2 processor I can borrow for a day?   I'll load 
the new processor, (hopefully) reboot, reflash with the newer BIOS that had 
been working previously, reinstall my Phenom II processor, and return your 
processor with only minor wear and tear.

Of course, I've also eMailed BIOStar's tech support, but don't hold out much 
hope there.

Failing all this, I've already ordered a new motherboard from New Egg, which I 
can return unopened if I find a solution before it arrives.
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