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Re: [PLUG] OT: Need AMD Processor to Unbrick a Motherboard

still looking for one? i have an old AM2 cpu i pulled for an upgrade,
let me know if you still need one...


On Sun, 2010-03-14 at 11:32 -0400, Casey Bralla wrote:
> Well, I couldn't leave mediocre enough alone, so I had to try flashing the 
> BIOS in my BIOStar motherboard.  
> Their website showed 2 BIOS's.  I had the newer of the 2, but it was listed as 
> "beta" and for a lower class of AMD processors.  (I have the Phenom II X2).  
> VirtualBox can't see the AMD-VT commands, so I'm not virtualizing as 
> effectively as I should be able to.  I therefore thought I'd downgrade the 
> BIOS to the "non-beta" version, which also claimed to support the Phenom II 
> processors.   Big mistake.
> Flashing went flawlessly, but now my system won't boot.
> I now suspect that BIOStar's file descriptions were reversed, since many 
> motherboards needed a BIOS revision to handle the Phenom II.   I think it 
> won't boot because it can't recognize the newer processor.
> So....  Anybody got a socket AM2 processor I can borrow for a day?   I'll load 
> the new processor, (hopefully) reboot, reflash with the newer BIOS that had 
> been working previously, reinstall my Phenom II processor, and return your 
> processor with only minor wear and tear.
> Of course, I've also eMailed BIOStar's tech support, but don't hold out much 
> hope there.
> Failing all this, I've already ordered a new motherboard from New Egg, which I 
> can return unopened if I find a solution before it arrives.
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