Art Alexion on 22 Mar 2010 07:06:11 -0700

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[PLUG] vm in a vm = odd mouse behavior in windows server

Host is Ubuntu
WinXP Pro running in a VirtualBox VM
VMWare vSphere client running on the XP VM.
Win Server 2008R2 running as the VMware guest

Virutalized Windows servers 2003-2008 mouse movement is smooth; VMware tools 
work fine.  Same with virtualized Ubuntu server.  Same with win servers 
accessed via RDP with tsclient.

With Win Server 2008R2 mouse is jerky and VMware tools, such as continuous 
mouse, work, but not that well.

My colleagues, running vSphere on a physical machine do not have this problem.

VirtualBox tools work fine.  VirtualBox is running in seamless mode.

The physical Ubuntu box is attached to a kvm switch.  When I tried to run 
vSphere on a physical WinXP box quick mouse movements in a VMware console 
caused the kvm to switch to the next physical computer.

Mouse is a Kensington with the really big trackball.

Is anyone else with anything in common with my setup experiencing any of these 
problems?  Workaround or fix suggestions?
Art Alexion

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