Casey Bralla on 22 Mar 2010 14:19:20 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] vm in a vm = odd mouse behavior in windows server

On Monday 22 March 2010 10:05:40 am Art Alexion wrote:
> Host is Ubuntu
> WinXP Pro running in a VirtualBox VM
> VMWare vSphere client running on the XP VM.
> Win Server 2008R2 running as the VMware guest
> With Win Server 2008R2 mouse is jerky and VMware tools, such as continuous
> mouse, work, but not that well.
> My colleagues, running vSphere on a physical machine do not have this
> problem.
> Is anyone else with anything in common with my setup experiencing any of
> these problems?  Workaround or fix suggestions?

This sounds like the old story-telling dog joke.  The trick is not that he 
tells stories, but that he can talk at all.

It does not sound too unreasonable that interrupt-driven activities are a 
little goofy with this setup.   You are 3 layers into a virtualization, and 
each layer has to -re-virtualize the hardware mouse device.

I suppose there is some type of good reason you're virtualizing WinServer 
inside VMWare instead of just letting it run under VirtualBox.  (I can't guess 
what that reason would be, but it seems too bizarre not to be well thought 


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