Paul L. Snyder on 24 Mar 2010 20:54:45 -0700

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[PLUG] [plug-announce] Policy change for plug-announce

Up until now, the plug-announce mailing list has only carried
announcements of "official" PLUG events and activities.  Per
discussion on the main PLUG discussion list, the charter of the
plug-announce list will be expanded to include occasional 
announcements of FOSS-related events that are likely to be of
interest to PLUG members.  This change is being made to raise
awareness of the many FOSS activities in Philadelphia and other
nearby areas, and to help strengthen the Free Software community.

List volume should remain low.  The policy that postings to
plug-announce must be made by a list administrator remains
unchanged.  Discussions of upcoming events that may be suitable
for posting to plug-announce may be made on the main PLUG
discussion list.  You may also contact a list administrator 
via email or start a discussion in the #plug IRC channel on the
freenode network if you are aware of an event that the community
should know about.

If you are uncomfortable with this change in policy, please raise
your concerns on the main PLUG discussion list:

You are able to control your subscription to plug-announce using
the mailman web interface:

Paul Snyder
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